You Throwaway? We'll Catch It
We are trying to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills by working with local businesses to divert their usable waste for hands-on creativity. We will show how a wide assortment of "trash" can quickly become our artists' new-found treasures.   
We collect clean unwanted items. Here is a short list to give you an idea of what we can use... 

List of Recyclables: 
corrugated trays (from bottles, cans, cartons)
tin cans 
glass bottles
cardboard tubes
packing crates
packing trays (from fruits, veggies)
foam packing materials
wood scraps
fabric scraps
metal scraps
plastic objects
burlap bags 
corks & bottle caps
egg cartons & crates
paper & cardboard
cord, string, rope
ribbon, buttons, trim, doo-dads
silk flowers
cigar boxes
baskets, buckets
plastic bins
plastic tubes

Again, this is just a short list. We are always open to new trash-to-treasure ideas. 

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Enhancing Creativity, Reducing Waste.