A place for fun, creative, messy kind of art kids (and grownups) love!

We offer a unique art program that encourages self-expression. We explore our world and learn about vision and planning, and how to follow each project through to completion. With this hands-on artistic approach, the emphasis is on fun and the creative process  while promoting self-confidence and pride.

Two 12-week and/or 15-week sessions – fall/winter and winter/spring  plus a variety of 'mini' sessions are offered throughout the school year. We also have an exciting  summer program that gives you an opportunity to experience our classes all year long.

Each full session we will be collageing, papier macheing, painting, silhouetteing, drawing, decoupageing, working with clay, wood, foam, felt, recyclables, and more. An introduction to some of the great masters is incorporated into our program, as well.

Birthday parties are also available. To book a party, email us with your desired dates – and we will get back to you to confirm. Please remember to specify Studio or Bus.

FunArt experience for ages 2 to 92. You won't want to miss out on the fun!   

Contact Laurie @ 551.265.1392 or email Laurie@YouGottaHaveArt.org