Enhancing Creativity. Reducing Waste.

We've taken our studio on the road with The FunArt Bus, our mobile EcoCraft Art Studio... and in a word, it's FAB!

We are devoted to promoting creativity and self-expression, and dedicated to raising awareness about our environment, by encouraging kids everywhere to do eco-friendly crafts. We will show how we can take everyday items we find around the house toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, tin cans and together, turn these ordinary items into our own unique artwork.

We converted an old school bus into a traveling art studio. Our goal is to spread the love of art and the environment. We will talk about trash and the 4 R's  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... and recreate. The kids will have the opportunity to come on the bus and quickly turn their imaginations on, energy-free! We will be working on a specific "ARTrageous Recyclables" project or a free-style "Trash to Treasure" creation. Either way, the kids will get their creative juices flowing with a wide assortment of "trash" that will quickly becomes their new-found treasures. Our hope is that these activities will encourage them to live a "greener" lifestyle. By teaching them to become aware at a young age, we can help build lifelong habits which will eventually make a major difference in the future of our earth. At the same time, we will be empowering them to express themselves to help bring out the innate creativity in every child. 

The FunArt Bus is ready to roll into your neighborhood... to bring EcoArt to kids everywhere – Schools, Camps, Businesses, and Homes.

We offer "ARTrageous Recyclables" art classes, "Trash-to-Treasure" drop-in crafting, "Green with Envy" parties, and "Go Green" appearances, special events and field trips.

Our classes are being scheduled at your convenience. Gather up a bunch of friends and let us know where you want the bus to meet you. Let us know the days and times that work for your group. And if the time is available, we'll be happy to set up the class.

To book a party or special event, email us with your desired dates – and we will get back to you to confirm. Please remember to specify the Bus.

Contact us to arrange for your time on The FunArt Bus now!

Call Laurie @ 551.265.1392 or email Laurie@YouGottaHaveArt.org

Recycle. Recreate. A Change YOU Can Make. Let's raise awareness together.